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Raptor plate cased

What is the Select Range?

The fact is, choosing the right fan manufacturer for your requirements is an important decision.

Which is why we thought a few facts about Elta Fans and its ‘SELECT’ range might help with that decision.

It’s not just one of the widest range of H&V products on the market today.

Nor is it our extensive distributor network - We have over 90 distributors in the UK and in 36 countries across 6 continents.

Nor is it the people – Elta Fans attracts some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the H&V industry, providing excellence in technical support and a level of customer service the envy of many.

Nor is it the depth of stock of standard products we carry, or the flexibility to respond quickly to more specialist product requirements.


The Select catalogue reflects the continuing development of our high quality range of industrial & commercial ventilation products for the building services markets which was originally launched in September 1999.

Within it, you will see:

  • A number of NEW products developed in response to your needs and new legislation.
  • More sizes and higher duties in several existing product ranges.
  • An overview of features and benefits for each and every product.
  • Additional information provided on each product to make your selections even easier than before.
  • Products from other Elta Group companies.

From Quote to Despatch

Delivery has significant meaning within our Building Services division – For delivery encompasses so much to us. We think of delivery as the whole corporate promise to each customer.
By this we mean every facet of the way in which the customer feels, touches and experiences our business. At Elta Fans Building Services, this extends from the way our internal sales team deals with customers, from initial enquiry to the final dispatch, to the wording on our packaging, the impact of our invoices and stationery to the way we announce price increases or our attitude to green issues.
We are a customer driven business, with no management culture or organizational structures to inhibit the focus on delivery – If a customer wants something different or special, they’ll get it. This flexibility, a desire to make it happen, to continue to exceed your expectations remains integral to our customer driven approach.

A Strong Interface

We work tirelessly in partnership with our distributors to satisfy customers - A measure of this confidence reflected by the direct contact we have with their customers, acting on the distributors behalf, attentive to anything the customer needs to know, highly responsive, always keeping everyone informed at the appropriate stage.

A responsible approach

Our Building Services team will diagnose each and every issue, obsessive in our pursuit of customer satisfaction, we immerse ourselves in you. Whether sales, technical, servicing, or delivery, our customer service obsession goes beyond dedication, commitment and service, because of a team spirit which is second to none.

Stock Availability

Stock is only worth shouting about if you have it – The Select brand represents our view point of delivering products to customers not by just meeting, but exceeding their expectations. 

Of course we have invested to put in place the infrastructure for delivering first class customer service. Our distribution centre at Kingswinford reflects our approach of managing and anticipating our customers’ requirements better, with improved inventory management and inventory returns. Even more - With the depth of product range we have readily available, Select represents a significantly better service to its customers.

Simply holding the product in our distribution centre is one thing, but that’s no good to the customer, it’s getting it to the customer when he wants it, how he wants it and where he wants it that matters - An approach we take seriously each and every day, whatever the size of the order – Just ask our customers.
Across our business, Elta Building Services delivers products to our distributors, direct to job sites, consignments, via facsimilie and telephone ordering.
Whichever way our customers need the products, we endeavour to accommodate those needs. As a business we thrive on reacting to customers problems, working closely with you to develop answers.

Stock Availability image

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don't Worry!

Our capabilities go well beyond the Select range... More than thirty years experience in specialised applications allows our Building Services division to work closely and confidently with you in designing a fan around your particular application. Whether you require smoke extract, car park ventilation, ATEX fans for hazardous locations, improved efficiency, or simply increased capability - we have the ability to meet the criteria you set, all to the very latest standards.

What Products are available?

The Select brand represents quality products which are synonymous with immediate ‘off the shelf’ availability, whilst standard products such as smoke extract, car park and hazardous area fans are built to order, to the latest governing standards, yet form a significant part of our range, specifically designed to meet our customers application criteria within Building Services markets.

  Our products include..
  • Plate & Duct mounted Fans
  • Long Cased Axial Fans
  • Bifurcated Fans
  • Two Stage Axial Fans
  • Certified Smoke Extract Fans
  • Commercial Window & Wall Mounted Fans
  • Portable Cooling Fans
  • Voltage Controllers
  • Auto Changeover Controllers
  • Square Cased & Circular Mixed Duct Fans
  • Single & Twin In Line Centrifugal Duct Dans
  • Low Silhouette & Vertical Axial Roof Extract Fans
  • Direct & Belt Drive Roof Mounted Fans
  • Industrial Wall Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Inverter Controllers
  • Electrical Accessories
Elta Dispatch

Who is behind Select?

Customer satisfaction is a vital component of our approach – Our people are our greatest asset, and without loyal and passionate staff, any attempt at becoming customer driven would be difficult to achieve.

Each department in Building Services, whether the technical or general sales team, the warehousing staff, impeller assembly, general production and assembly or service and repairs, is only as good as its people. Our staff don’t just meet expectations, they surpass them, truly defining the meaning of customer care, constantly adapting to the functional challenges facing them at the coalface, and meaningful, by the added value this brings to our competitive advantage.

Building Services staff combine with each other as individuals, and as departments, focused on meeting the needs of the customer. At each level, from management to shop floor, there is a common goal of achievement, a mindset dedicated to the customer – More than three rings in the sales office an example to this, four a cardinal sin. We encourage professional skills, training, development and career progression, though targeted learning, which is specific to the individual and department, allowing Building Services and our people to deal with change.

An organization and structure to our sales and despatch departments is designed to ensure closeness with our customers, an integral aspect to our commitment on high levels of customer service. The bond between sales and despatch staff and their customers is reflected, in part, by adopting the latest systems technology to ensure a regular flow of information to the customer, thereby minimizing any issues to the shortest possible time. Added to this, comes focused personnel contact, a primary element in our approach towards an on going development of long term customer relationships.

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