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Featuring our new high efficiency impeller, the SmokeVent SLCS range has been specifically developed for emergency smoke spill extract systems to operate as part of the main extract system or as dedicated fans for emergency clearance to overcome hazardous fire, smoke or fume conditions. SLCS is a selection from a full range of EN12101-3 certified smoke extract fans up to 2m diameter at +300°C for 2 hours and up to 1250mm at +400°C for 2 hours.

Features & Benefits


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The SmokeVent SLCS range of Smoke fans as manufactured by Elta Fans Ltd.

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SPP Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits


SmokeVent can run in either normal extract mode or a once only smoke operation at 300° C for 2 hours which means cost savings as a single fan provides both general and smoke extract requirements

Full accessory range.

Mounting feet, anti-vibration mounts, matching flanges, flexible connectors, silencers, bell mouth inlets, non-return dampers and wire guards - All selected in advance to match the fan, which means this avoids any on site installation and fitting problems.


The removal of smoke assists the safety of the occupants in the event of a fire.

Material strength

SmokeVent SLCS axial fans are a robust, heavy duty construction for added strength and durability. Fan casings are heavy gauge, sheet steel, roll formed and welded and hot dipped galvanised after fabrication to BS 729.

Quality impellers

Adjustable pitch aerofoil section impellers with blades made from high quality pressure die cast aluminium. Hubs are pressure die cast aluminium.

Cost effective

The high efficiency impellers make this a very economical method of moving high volumes of air at low to medium pressures.

Quality assurance

All units are designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

SPP Specifications


The SmokeVent SLCS range of smoke extract fans as manufactured by Elta Fans Ltd. 46 Third Avenue, Pensnett Trading Estate, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 7US, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1384 275800 - If you need more information - Contact us.


The all metal fan casing provides a long lasting and robust construction. The units have been constructed from a single sheet of steel, with both motors and axial impellers mounted within the length of the unit casing.

All casing parts are heavy gauge mild steel sheet, roll formed and welded, then hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 after fabrication.


Adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality pressure die cast aluminium (LM6) natural finish.

Impellers are factory set at an angle to provide maximum performance. The hubs are manufactured from die cast aluminium alloy (LM24). Assembled impellers are to be dynamically balanced to ISO 14694 Grade G6.3


Motors are to be pad mounted totally enclosed metric type to IP55, with sealed for life bearings, standard industrial paint finish and Class H insulation to EN 60034-5, suitable for use at normal continuous duty and a once only use under smoke operation at +300°C for 2 hours. Flying leads are brought out via a temperature resistant conduit system, to an external IP55 terminal box for customer cabling interface.

Quality Management

Units are to be certified to EN12101-3. Units are to be designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001:2008. All SLCS units are to be tested to ISO 5801:2007 (airside performance) and BS 848 Part 2:1985 (sound performance).

Typical Application

  • Shopping Mall
  • Stairwell Pressurisation
  • Enclosed Carparks
  • Residential and Public Buildings
  • Underground Stations and Theatres
  • Bell Mouth inlets (241B)

    Fits directly to the fan case flange and provides easy connection to flexible connector

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  • Impeller Guards (078C)

    Bright Zinc plated Steel or glavanised. Fix with clips & screws (included)

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  • Mounting Feet (060B)

    For free standing mounting of ducted fans

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  • Non-Return Dampers (019)

    Prevents reverse flow of air when fan not operating

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  • Flexible Connectors (PU250)

    Fit to matching flanges to provide flexible connection

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  • Av Mounts (Spring-ES20)

    Fit directly to mounting feet

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Accessories & Wiring Data